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The BMS is the Building Management System software used that enables installers, operators, and technicians to access the automation system.  The specific controls software solution is determined by the user's requirements.


The BMS software solution can be tailored with options to fit any project application.  Users can access the system anywhere from the internet, on a local network, and from VLAN to VLAN.  In addition, the management software allows long-term data trending, alarming, scheduling, analyzing energy data to guide energy management.


  • Reduce engineering time with equipment templates

  • Customize graphics as necessary using intuitive engineering tools

  • Remotely access BAS via internet, accessible from any web browser

  • Establish communication using BACnet / IP

  • Visualize data with standard charts and graphs

  • Analyze equipment function, usage, and energy data through trend logs

  • Create system notifications

Technical Data

BACnet Router

  • WC-RP12:

    • Web Monitoring​ with EIMnet ports

    • Standard BACnet Objects

  • GC-RP11

    • No Web Monitoring without EIMnet ports

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