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BACnet routers are essential to any BACnet BAS solution as they enable devices to communication between networks including wide-area networks, local area networks, and BACnet MS/TP networks.


DDC controls contractors use BACnet routers to unify systems across multiple networks, IT structures, buildings, and system that requires internet access.


  • Monitor and control DDC system with built-in GUI server

  • Access system from anywhere across the internet with an embedded web server

  • Network device into BACnet / IP environment

  • Communicate with BACnet MS/TP devices using onboard terminals

  • Modularize your system with expandable I/O

  • Small form factor

  • Optional built-in web server

  • Expandable I/O

  • Micro USB pluggable power input

Technical Data

BACnet Router

  • WC-RP12:

    • Web Monitoring​ with EIMnet ports

    • Standard BACnet Objects

  • GC-RP11

    • No Web Monitoring without EIMnet ports

    • Standard BACnet Objects

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