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The WC / GC Series are a family of BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC) that manage HVAC building automation systems.


Ideal for systems that require a management device for any building system with a high point count such as central heating and cooling plants.


  • Access system from anywhere across the internet with an embedded web server

  • Network device into BACnet / IP environment

  • Communicate with BACnet MS/TP devices using onboard terminals

  • Connect peripherals to onboard inputs & outputs terminals

  • Modularize your system with expandable I/O

  • Locally override outputs with onboard HOA switches

  • Integrate MODBUS sensors

  • Add an external LCD for local control

Technical Data

WC Series

  • WC-8846:

    • Embedded web server and router

GC Series

  • ​GC-8846:

    • Local management device

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