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The chemEz is a prepackaged control system which automates chemical treatment of water chemistry in cooling towers.  Airtek Design Group has designed this system to ease installation, configuration, maintenance, and care, all provided in a complete turn-key solution.  Along with user-friendliness, the chemEz system will diminish the reliance of trained chemical treatment technicians.



With the built-in user interface, configure, monitor, and control the following:

  • Network parameters

  • Peripheral devices

  • Virtual points, trends, alarms and schedules

  • Selectable control sequences

The built-in user interface provides installers and operators to easily manipulate system parameters locally without the need of additional hardware or software.


As a native BACnet MS/TP device, it can be integrated into any BACnet/IP backbone and can be expanded to accept MODBUS-enabled sensors using a MODBUS module.

Network configuration options provide configuration and operation flexibility, especially when coupled with the built-in user interface which allows the controller to operate stand-alone or through a network.

Peripheral Devices

The system is pre-engineered with complete sets of all I/O devices required for each desired control sequence.

Selectable package options reduces design time and cost.

Web-Based GUI

Graphically monitor and control system remotely from any web-browser.

Conveniently gives the operator full access to their system from anywhere.


In lieu of commonly used liquid chemical, the chemEz takes advantage of solid chemicals which utilizes wall-mounted dissolving boards instead of drums, solenoids instead of pumps, and Venturi injectors with metering valves to set the desired flowrate.

Using solid forms of chemical instead of its liquid counterpart provides the customer with an easy to setup solution that has a small footprint, is low cost, and low maintenance.


Chemical Level & Dosing

Control sequences can be configured to automatically dose chemicals to maintain clean surfaces, prevent organic growth, inhibit corrosion and scale, and monitor pH.

Chemical treatment often requires trained technical professionals to track and maintain water chemistry and adjust parameters regularly.  However, the chemEZ is designed to empower operators to evaluate, adjust, and maintain their own systems without the need of trained technicians.

Water Level & Usage

Water balance management is critical in cooling towers because they require water replenishment as water evaporates, is bled off, or is drained.  Evaporation occurs naturally during regular equipment operation, which causes a concentration increase of residual solids.  To maintain a desired level of residual solids, or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), water inside the basin with a high concentration of dissolved solids is bled off.  This achieved using a conductivity setpoint as determined by the Cycles of Concentration.  Completely draining the system would be done for winterization and then refilled to water level setpoint.  Metering the feed and bleed allows monitoring usage.

Precisely managing water usage reduces cost and guides chemical usage requirements in a predictable and consistent manner.



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